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San Media Ltd. is a Public Limited Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956 in India. The company is engaged in the field of multimedia education and has set up its own studio that houses the 3D, SFX and post production for both video and audio outputs. San Media Ltd. has nurtured the technical, creative and production capabilities of international standards in developing multimedia content.

The company has expanded rapidly to become a software house providing IT solutions for a wide range of applications. Be it IT services that empower the enterprise or multimedia services and content development, San Media Ltd. offers a full service portfolio to match your software needs & has developed software applications towards management of educational institutions right from school to university level.

Ever since its inception over a decade, San Media Ltd. has chalked continuous success and are providing a wide range of applications its base by entering into strategic alliances with other IT leaders which has facilitated the transfer of technology and expertise.

San Media Ltd. prides in having the ability to provide customized solutions that satisfies client’s individual needs completely. The company’s expertise includes Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Management, ICT & SSA based education projects.


Strong fundamentals like quality, integrity and supreme customer service have been drivers of growth. Coupled with these, strict adherence to quality, competitive pricing and flexible strategies that adapt to changing needs & market trends have ensured constant success.

Our Division
SANeFORCE.com (formerly known as PMC Soft) incorporated in 1992, a division of San Media Ltd., is one of industry’s leading sales force automation solutions provider. SANeFORCE.com has designed, delivered, and implemented customized sales force automation software in more than 50+ medical and pharmaceutical companies for over 12 years ...more